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Our mission is to teach people to make great films whether they are feature length or short, for cinema or television, the internet or mobile phones. We will provide students with the tools to tell compelling stories through the medium of film.

The International Film Academy of Jackson Hole is developing a world- class creative learning center that advances the art of documentary filmmaking for amateurs and professionals alike.

Our philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is project-based, hands-on learning, encouraging students to develop their own film ideas. What is learned can be used for all genres of  documentary filmmaking and the tools taught will be relevant whether the goal is to make a film about the environment and conservation, a historical archive-based show, a report on urban renewal or a travelogue.

Jackson Hole, based just outside the magnificent Grand Teton National Park, is a uniquely inspiring venue where filmmakers can devote their energies to gaining new skills or improving their craft.

The goal is that after completing the course, the filmmakers have hands-on, practical experience of all aspects of the process. They have developed a critical eye and have a clear understanding of what it takes to produce good documentary films.




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