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International Film Academy of Jackson Hole three-minute promo showing students out filming and at work on their short films.

Photo Gallery from 2010

Author Chris Palmer


Editing - back in the classroom at the Teton Science School



Hayden films at the People's Market in Jackson

Jackson TSS Film Class

Out filming

Teacher Seonaid Campbell (right) helps Amy plan the film they are going to shoot

Chris Palmer: Shooting in the Wild

There's a New Market in Town

Touristicus Jacksonholius

Beetle Battle

Teton Raptor Center


Photo Gallery from 2009
One-week intensive documentary filmmaking course in June 2009 for students
aged 15 - 20 held at the Jackson campus of the Teton Science Schools, Jackson Hole.

Daniel (15) with the boom and Hayden (16) out filming a story called
Free Range Children: The Story of Play Team.

Daniel using the P2 HD Panasonic camera.

Teacher Danny Ledonne (standing) shows the students some editing

During a concert given by a local band called Thirsty, Ryan (16)
lines up a shot


Taylor (left) and Hayden out filming

One of the groups editing their story with the help of teacher Trey

Rosemary, aged 15, with the P2 HD camera

Taylor (15) filming.
One of the stories her group tackled was on
green architecture


One-week intensive documentary filmmaking course in June students
aged 18 and over.

Audrey works on a long shot from the stands at the Rodeo. This short film was a collaborative effort and involved interviewing several girls and women who take part in the Rodeo.


Christie with teacher Danny Ledonne (with boom) at the Rodeo on the Wednesday night

Teacher Carl helps Oona with the camera

Gillian, Carl and Audrey (with camera) ride the tram up the mountain
to interview some of the Jackson Hole Mountain paragliders. They filmed them taking off at the top and later as they landed at the bottom

Owen, who would later take a tandem ride with a paraglider while holding a handheld camera, films some b roll out of the tram window

Yurt Simplicity - filming at the Yurt village in Kelly. Owen and Audrey get prepared.

With the backdrop of the Grand Tetons, Gillian
practices her interview technique on Audrey





Film Appreciation Course in May held at the White Buffalo Club



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